Detox From Sugar !

How to detox from sugar and why do I need to?

What better time to start a detox from sugar than now! Winter is here ( we all know we pack on a few extra pounds ), and most importantly your health is waiting! Statistics show that the average American consumes about 150lbs of sugar a year.  The immediate goal of your detox from sugar program is to decrease the amount of simple carbohydrates in your system. Sugar interferes with your metabolism and it can create dependencies and cravings. But don’t panic, you can start your detox from sugar today!

** If you are interested you should first check the   Signs of Sugar Addiction **

Decrease your sugar intake and you may see the following results:

detox from sugar because it is not good

  • Weight Loss
  • Less of a health risk
  • Increased energy, decreased fatigue
  • Decreased blood sugar levels
  • An overall better mental stability
  • Evenly toned skin


Why I choose to detox from sugar…

Like many others,  I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. As I grew older (and I am only 27) I continued to pack on the pounds and it was ridiculous. From age 18 to 26 I had gained about 70 pounds ( I couldn’t imagine what I’d look like in my 40s if I had continued on the same path). I loved everything sweet and I was the QUEEN of sweets. It literally was if I was absolutely addicted to sugar. If I did not have it I found myself getting very anxious. I later found out that sugar stimulates the very same  brain receptors that cocaine and heroin stimulate. Although being “addicted” sounds ridiculous- it’s true !

So what did I do? I looked into a detox from sugar program. Not to mention detoxing from sugar is an awesome HEALTHY step in the right direction. In addition to the detox from sugar, I joined the gym, organized my life and started my new job (School Psychologist in New Jersey). So far I have MORE energy, I FEEL happier, LESS anxious, healthier, and my life doesn’t revolve around sugar !detoxfromsugarhappiness

How I Achieved My Detox From Sugar:

I completed Paleo Diet which requires you to follow their intro plan/guide. Each day I followed one of their recipes/cleanse so that I could reset my system. You will basically re-train your taste buds to enjoy foods that don’t have AS MUCH sugar.

All in all the program was awesome. After I finished the Paleo Diet (you are able to return to most foods) I craved sugar less often. Your blood sugar returns to a healthy level and you’ll feel greatly refreshed.

Check out the recipe book here !

I would rate the program 4 out of 5 stars !    detoxfromsugarrating